Dyscon, a renowned alcohol and drug-abuse treatment center, has pioneered one of Denmark’s most impactful treatment approaches known as the “6-dages modellen.”

Dyscon were looking for a website with SEO
Responsive website with SEO

The Objective.

Dyscon approached us with a clear goal: to develop a website with SEO, that not only showcased their array of services but also prioritized page speed optimization. In addition, they sought to implement lead capture mechanisms and clear Calls to Action (CTAs) to enhance user engagement.

Problems to Solve.

Lead Form Integration

Our first task was to set up a user-friendly lead form, strategically placed to encourage visitors to seamlessly convert into potential leads. This allowed Dyscon to establish a direct line of communication with individuals seeking their services.

Phone Call Generation

Dyscon had the ambition of receiving 3-5 phone calls daily from their website. We are delighted to announce that their actual results have far exceeded these expectations. Our implementation of an effective website with SEO strategies has driven a consistent flow of inquiries, significantly enhancing their outreach.

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