Murphys-lov is a Danish law and consultant firm focusing its expertise on the usage of health information, areas of administrative law, or solving problems in the health field.

The Objective.

Murphys-lov was looking for a Website Redesign and to upgrade their backend servers. Getting most of their leads from LinkedIn we set a goal of making their website a source of valuable business.

Problems to Solve.

Digital Presence

Murphys-lov came to us with a website made in the early 2000s, so we had the great honor of redesigning their website into something minimalistic and trustworthy

Go an Extra mile

Through a few meetings, we discussed layout, color-platters, and usage of images. With close communication, we were able to satisfy their needs and desires, of a minimalistic and trustworthy website

What We Did
Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Design & Development
Website Redesign
Hosting upgrade